MacBook Airをついに発表!

ついに出た!Macworld 2008の実況テキストをじっと追っていたら,ついに噂の激薄MacBookが発表されたみたい.

10:14: It's got a 13.3-inch display, and it's LED backlit. It has the same built-in iSight camera as the other notebooks, and it's got what Jobs claims is a full-size keyboard, which is also backlit. The trackpad is "generous" and it has multitouch gesture support that expands upon the gesture support already present in Macbooks.

10:12: Jobs holds up the MacBook Air as flashbulbs pop. Well, I guess they don't really pop anymore. It's got a full-size keyboard, which is my perennial complaint with ultraportables.

10:11: Most ultraportable notebooks are around 3 pounds, with miniature keyboards and about a 11-inch to 12-inch screen. Jobs says Apple likes the weight goal, but says you have to make too many compromises. The Macbook Air is about half as thin as a Sony ultraportable model that he uses for comparison--0.76 inches at the thickest part, and just 0.16 inches at the thinnest. That's thin; it's so thin, it fits inside one of those office-to-office envelopes.

10:08: The rumors were true: "Today we're introducing a third kind of notebook, and it's called the MacBook Air. In a sentence, it's the world's thinnest notebook."



  • 13.3inch ディスプレイ (LEDバックライト)
  • iSight内蔵(今までのMacBookと同様)
  • フルサイズキーボード(バックライトつき.今までと同様)
  • でかいトラックパッド(噂どおり.マルチタッチジェスチャー対応.)
  • 1.8inch 80GB HDD (iPod Classicに入っているモノと同様)
  • 64GBのフラッシュメモリディスク(オプション)
  • Core 2 Duo(1.6GHz.1.8GHzに移行可?)
  • 例のごとくMagSafe
  • 802.11n規格ワイヤレスポート
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • EDR
  • 光学ドライブはなし($99で追加可能)
  • 重量3ポンド(約1.36kg)
  • 2GB RAM
  • 標準価格$1,799(約19万7400円) 光学ドライブフラッシュメモリドライブを追加するといくらかは不明.

レートは日本時間1/16 3:30現在のものです.このスペックでこの価格は安い!なによりかっこいい!